This is my own created world. It is still in construction and likely will be for a while, but I will fill in more info as I go. I have named a few cities and areas, come up with ideas and history for parts of the world, but I have yet to complete the first continent (the starting areas for our PCs).

The continent the PCs are on was settled 1400 years ago by several kingdoms from another continent. There were very few largely populated areas upon their arrival, and since then they have exploded in population, creating many cities and towns all across the continent.

Over the years the continent separated from the old kingdoms and became seperate nations. There are 8 nations (created thus far) in total, including several native kingdoms. The largest city on the new continent is High Crown, the capital city of the kingdom of Udugeon(thinking about changing it, any ideas?), but it is said that one of the dwarven cities is much larger than most humans think.

The native peoples of this continent include forest dwelling elves in the Great Forest in the West, the halflings of Paldershire in the North, a few costal villages of humans all around the continent, dwarven cities in the mountains to the North-East, elves of the Eastern plains, gnomes to the South and on the Island of Serpents Head, the Many Tribes of goblinoids and orcs, and there is rumoured to be a few very successful tribes of humans out on the plains of the West.

Unnamed in newland

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