Unnamed in newland

Events Thus Far

Strangers at the Mill

Tau immediately began searching around town for any information regarding Meret, using a poorly drawn stickfigure representation of his brother (which he did using his “conciderable artistic talents”) to help him. As his search was not successful and it was already getting late, he and Alcuin retired to a nearby inn. As luck would have it this is the same inn that Grogborn stumbled into with Vril at his heels after an evening of binge drinking.

The next day Groborn began wandering around the town in search of new and tasty ale, while Vril followed, snipping purses all the while.

Tau and Alcuin went out searching again for any information the could find, and began to hear tales of elves and men wearing the same type of cloak Meret wore. They scamper around the city at night, usually keeping close to the the city hall, the small lumbermill, and the the northern part of the city. Now they had a lead, but they were worried about whether or not they could take all those elves and men alone. Now they needed help, and the only people they could think to enlist, gods help them, were the thief and the bearded boozehound.

They found the two wandering about the merchant district, and being bored they readily agreed.

The group gathered later that night and searched the area around the city hall but found nothing. When they turned their attention to the lumbermill they spotted several figures entering the place. Vril quickly and quietly slipped up tot he windows close to the roof and saw that several of these cloaked figures were standing in front of a group of humans against the far wall. She alerted her companions who slipped in as close as they could before being heard. They cloaked figures were telling the workers to work poorly and even sabotage their machines to slow production. If they failed to do so the said they would kill people close to them. When they turned to leave, the four allies sprung from behind the machinery and attacked.

After a brutal but somewhat short fight most of the kidnappers were down, with some only unconscious. These were taken prisoner and the allies ran into the night to chase those few that fled. They followed them across town to the North and into an old building that looked unused. The adventurers slipped inside and found these strangers in the cellar with a large group of bound and gagged captives. They quickly dispatched them and freed the prisoners.

By mid-morning they had become the toast of the town. They were given free drinks and many tearful thanks. The Duke of Viscica himself had heard of their acts and decided to give them the Viscican Medal of Bravery (an award usually reserved for those in the city guard), and a hefty sum of gold. The people who they saved and those who worked at the lumbermill also honoured them by giving them a somewhat smaller sum of gold, and they hung a plaque inside the mill with each of their names, there to stay forever. Many inns and taverns claimed to be willing to give them free drinks, should they ever like to come and tell the tale of their fight (Grogborn was ecstatic).

Seeing that these adventurers had some skill about them, the duke offered them a job in his military. He would give them a good sum to join, and after that he would pay them per day and with a bonus for every mission they completed. After some thought they accepted, and the duke immediately got them a room in the barracks. The duke thanked them again and said he had a little job for them, but it would only start in about two days. They were to arrive at the North gate in the morning in two days for about a week of travel.



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