Duke of Viscica

A well dressed man who seems very confident in his ability to lead.


Born to the previous duke of [[Viscica | Viscica]], he was trained with firearms by his father when he was young. He is not the most adept gunfighter on the continent, but he can hit a target.

He is a reclusive man, rarely taking visitors and socializing only with his closest advisors, the captain of the guard, Colonel Jotham Statesman, and the head of the merchants guild. This has always been a source of mistrust betwen the citizens and the local government. The Duke’s actual name is not commonly known, as everyone simply refers to him as the Duke of Viscica. Neither he, nor the captain of the guard, are very well liked by the guards, and as a result the moral in Viscica is low.

Recently there has been a stur of rumours about the duke, as he has suddenly hired many workers to extend the wall that faces West to create a boundary around his city. He has also hired nearly an army or mercenaries, saying that they are to be used to protect caravans going through the forest from dangers, and also to help the guard control the town more efficiently. [[Way poste | Way poste]] is opposed to this as much of their economy and heritage rests on their population guarding merchants and travellers. Many people are asking where he aquired enough funds to suddenly hire so many people. The duke claims to have made deals and bargained well for these workers and mercs, but not everyone believes him.

Duke of Viscica

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