Tau Kelevra

This gun-toting man was wronged and intends to right it.


Tau is a five-foot-eleven-inch tall druid who is well trained with firearms. He weighs in at one-hundred-seventy pounds, and has piercing green eyes, jet black hair and tawny skin. Tau is a strong believer in Olidammara. Tau possesses two powerful firearms the likes of which have rarely been seen – [[Xanadu and Avalon]]. These twin pistols load 6 shots at a time instead of the normal one. This causes an increase in reload time, but the number of times reloading is required is drastically reduced.


Tau was a prince among his people. But his coastal village [[Caru Tekka | Caru Tekka]] was destroyed and burned by his elder brother Meret and his foreign riders. His brother stole an artifact, a necklace of great importance to Tau, and now Tau is in hot pursuit. He charged across the plains and through the forest, barely stopping until he reached the town of [[Way poste | Way poste]], where he finally collapsed in the inn.

After washing the soot from himself and his clothes he carried on East, chancing across a merchant named Marcus Finn who was heading East to [[Viscica | Viscica]]. The man needed guards for his two wagons along the way and offered Tau the position, which Marcus Finn seemed to think he accepted, as he was going the same way and walked beside the carts. Now he continues on along the path with Marcus Finn and the guards, including a dwarf named Grogborn and a half elf named Vril, always on the look out for any signs of his treacherous brother…

Tau Kelevra

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