Orardu Hammersword

A good man stabbed in the back by his own country.


Captain Orardu Hammersword was the captain of the [[Radiant Justice]] 1400 years ago, and was the man who is credited with the discovery of the the [[new continent]]. The Radiant Justice was blown off-course, but there was land through the darkness. Hammersword realized that he would be smashed intot he shore and tipped sideways very soon unless something was done. Since he refused to go back out to sea in this storm he ran the ship aground, and the crew of the Radiant waited the storm out.

When the storm finally faded, captain Hammersword realized that he was far away from his homeland, and that he must be stuck on some forested, deserted island out in the middle of the ocean. He became very excited, because if this island was big enough, he could probably claim it for the king.

Exicted as he could be, he took out a flag, carved the date into the wood pole, and just before he planted it in the earth claiming the land in the name of his homeland and its king, a troop of elves stalked from the woods, bows draw, to speak with these newcommers.

When the elves explained that this land was their’s the captain’s joy floundered, but when they said that this was not some small island, but a huge piece of land it was restored. If the king could get some ships over here to explore and possibly even settle, then the expansion of his nation, and the world itself, would certainly follow.

Having discovered new lands, befriended its inhabitants, and repaired his ship, the crew was full of patriotism as they sailed home. The captain left the continent thinking he would be a hero, but when he returned the king had him silenced, and sent away with a strict watch kept over him, so that he could not divulge to anyone what had happened. His family was told that he died on the seas at the hands of his [[Crew of the Radiant Justice | crew]] after he slowly went insane at sea.

The formarlly great and well respected capitan died years later, depressed and alone in his captivity.

It was only a few hundred years after his death, that a scholar of the nation discovered what had happened to Hammersword and informed his king. The king announced this to his people and had a statue of the captain erected in the city harbour facing directly to the spot where he landed on the [[new continent]], and another one facing directly back on the other continent. His name is now honoured and well known to the people of the old kingdom, and fairly well known on the new continent.

Orardu Hammersword

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