Colonel Jotham Statesman


The aging Jotham Statesman is the captain of the guard in [[Viscica]]. The Duke of Viscica has also recently given him command of the extra forces he’s put together recently, and he Jotham is scheduling them to go guard the caravans to and from [[Way poste | Way poste]], and and using the rest to increase the guards around the city, the construction areas, and the immediate area around the city.

He is generally friendly and kind to all the people in the city unless given reason not to, but he takes his job very seriously. He often goes on patrols himself and does regular inspections of his guards.

He is a very religious man and attends service at the temple of Heironeus at every opportunity.

Even though he is a good man and does his best for the people of the city, many of the citizens he protects seem to dislike him and talk behide his back.

His closest advisor and unofficial second in command is Lady Janatis Spelloyal.


He is untrusting of the elves, as his brother was wounded by them years ago. His brother is now permanently brain damaged and requires the constant care of the clerics of the temple of Heironeous.

Colonel Jotham Statesman

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