Unknown Diplomat

A hero, lost to time.


All the records of this person have disappeared. All that is known is that, during the [[civil war]] an “unknown diplomat” traveled to each of the three leaders of the three armies one by one and talked to them. He convinced them all to meet on neutral ground. Some say this ground was a dwarven stronghold. Others say it was a secret meeting in Serpent’s Head. No one knows where this occurred for certain, but during this meeting, the diplomat managed to convince each of the three armies, all of whom were brimming with rage and self-righteousness, to completely abandon their attacks and assaults on each other, and start three separate kingdoms.

In a single attempt, at one summit, this person managed to halt a civil war that had already cost over 200, 000 lives, and was likely to claim more. They should be credited as a hero by an entire continent, but instead they have managed to fade into mystery, and it seems as though no one will ever know what happened, or how it happened, for certain.

Thousands of man hours have been used to try to identify the diplomat by any means necessary, but none have worked. The divinations of the realm’s most powerful wizards and the research of the most diligent of scholars have all failed to turn up anything regarding this person.

Unknown Diplomat

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