Albertos Magnos

A dwarf from long ago that created the first gun.


Albertos was always curious about new ways to mine. He experimented with explosives, corrosives and a variety of other mining techniques before he discovered blac powder. At the time, some were trying to find a mixture of the powder that would create a strong and controlable explosive to help in mining, and so Albertos decided to explore that substance.

Eventually, he got the idea to pack the powder into one end of a pipe, and put a ball of metal beside it. The explosion propelled the ball through his door, and took a sizable chunk out of the side of his fireplace.

After he refined the technique over a 106 years he managed to create a functioning weapon, effective at range. Due to the way in which this “[[gun]]]” was and its resulting effectiveness, many deemed the weapon “an expensive alternative to an honourable fight,” but still Albertos pressed on, even after some of his own kin started to ostracize him.

He was responsible for some of the most important and effective advancement of firearms in history, and today many a [[gunslinger]] speak his name with praise.

After years of inventing and inovating, Albertos was killed while experimenting with a new type of black powder, that was refined and (as his remaining notes state) bound to “revolutionize the way in which we think about guns, and will forever change the world.” After a successful experiment, he cheered joyfully and caught the attention of his youngest son, who came to see what the good news was. As the lad tried to open his fathers workshop door, an explosion in the workshop rocked the entire city, and caused massive cave ins around the residential district. In total, 126 dwarves died.

Albertos’ son was found unconscious in a pond a half-mile away and was saved by a dwarf who happened to have a potion of healing available. The boy was crippled for life, and the family lost everything, and it is considered a miracle of Moradin himself that the boy was not comepletely disintegrated in the blast.

Since this time, it has been outlawed in almost every city and town to store or research gunpowder or explosives anywhere near a settlement of any type.

Albertos Magnos

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