Captain Traice


A well liked guard captain in the town of [[Way poste | Way poste]]. He makes sure the guard is kept sharp and ready at all times, and treats them well. He truely enjoys his job, and tries to get as involved in the happenings of the comunity as possible. He attends all town meetings, trials, feasts, and gatherings he hears of, and is generally liked by the goodly people of the town.

He is usually in a good mood and does his best to help all people in his town, including merchants, travellers, and residents alike.

While he is friendly and kind to those around him, he recognizes the need for a strict watch to be kept up at all hours, and makes sure that it is. He even went as far as using some of their budget to purchase six [[Cirlcets of the Guard | vision ehancing circlets]] which are used by the guards at night.


Captain Traice

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