Unnamed in newland

Events Thus Far...
A Strange Gathering of Allies

The adventure began with Grogborn and Vril In Viscica looking for something to do in order to pass the time and gain some gold. While pondering their dilemma, they decided on the wise course of heading to the local tavern. As they relaxed, Vril started to pick a fight with a dwarf nearby and generally be a nuisance.

Eventually, this led to a comical bar fight, in which all the patrons joined in, save for Grogborn. At one point, a human fell on the drunken dwarf Vril was fighting, knocking him tot he floor. Vril unsheathed his dagger and viciously stabbed at the dwarf, shredding his abdomen and groin. Now a chair was launched at Grogborn, which knocked his mug from his hands, and in a rage, the dwarf joined the fight. At this point the guards entered, and seeing the bloody, kicking dwarf, and the dagger wielding elf, charged Vril. The elf had no choice but to flee, and jumped through a window a gnome had previously broken during his flight outside. Soon after the dwarf followed.

On there hurried flight through the window of the tavern, Vril and Grogborn encountered a pair of guards, knocking them prone. The two seized the opportunity to flee down an alleyway next to the bar. At the end of the alley was a fence blocking the path, so Vril launched himself through a window to his left, and scampered quietly through the little home, and slid out the front door, fleeing into the crowd that was gathering. Grogborn however, charged through the fence, where he encountered another guard. Forced to fight, the dwarf, and Vril when he finally arrived, knocked the man out, and took his gold. With that, they knew it was time to leave town.

The pair headed West through the forest to the town of Way poste. during the trip, which lasted several days, they encountered a dire wolf, but managed to kill the brute without much trouble.

Upon their arrival in town, they sought employment, and found it in the service of a man named Marcus Finn. He was traveling to Viscica and needed additional guards to protect him from possible threats.

At the same time as Grogborn and Vril were finding employment, Tau Kelevra was wandering into town, catching his first glimpse of civilization in weeks. He found a room in the inn, washed the soot from his body and clothes, then got some much-needed rest.

The next day, as Tau was leaving town heading East, he encountered Marcus Finn and his guards. Marcus saw the man and asked him, since he was wielding two fantastic-looking guns, to join them for the trip he would be making in any case. Tau decided not to join, but walked along with them anyway since they were headed in the same direction. Marcus mistook what Tau said for agreement, and considered him hired.

On the second day of their travel, elven bandits assaulted the two wagon caravan. There were four elves in the trees surrounding a small stretch of trail, and five elves on the ground doing the same. As the wagons came closer the elves attacked, killing both drivers, and the mercahnt’s apprentice. The six guards (including Vrill, Grogborn and Tau) emidiately went to work eliminating these enemies. Two of the guards died in the assault, and all but two of the elves were killed. They decided to tie up the two who were left alive and question them When they awoke.

Tau began questioning one elf, but first he sent everyone else away. He soon found out that the elf was in actuality a changeling. The changeling, named Alcuin Fairtrade, had come into contact with the elves a few days earlier, when they attacked a caravan he was in. He dashed off into the forest as soon as he could, then changed into one of the elves he killed escaping. He tagged along with them ever since, holding no allegience for them at all.

Tau offered him a choice. Either he pledge his alligence to Tau and his land of Caru Tekka and be freed, or be (killed or kept as prisonner?). The poor, uninformed creature thought that Caru Tekka was a great nation, and that he could easily gain a position of power with Tau, so he readily aggreed. He began to fancy himself as the prince’s hearld, and started to question Tau on exactly what his titles were.

They left the other wounded elf tied gagged and unconscious in the woods, as they had no further use for him.

Tau asked Alcuin if he’d seen a man fitting his brother’s discription in the past few weeks, and he reveiled that some elven and human riders had come through these parts recently, but none of the elves he was with got a good look at them, as they passed quickly and had their cowls drawn low. They were headed in the direction of Viscica, and so Tau had his first lead.

Tau introduced the new addition to their troop, which Marcus was not happy about, and reveiled the infromation necessary (save for Alcuin being a changeling) and they continued on their way, though Marcus refused to pay Alcuin as a guard.

Upon Their arrival in town, Marcus paid the guards their gold and gave them his thanks, then hurried off to the commerce guild.

We leave this strange little party with Grogborn searching for a tavern (a different one than last time), Vril at his heels, Tau searching for any infrmation on his brother, and Alcuin thinking up ways to introduce the prince at the next opportunity.


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