Crew of the Radiant Justice

The crew of the Radiant Justice were fiercely loyal to their captain, Orardu Hammerswordwho always treated them well, and lead them with dignity and grace. When the ship arrived back home after discovering the new continent, most of the crew were iether executed for “mutiny and the murder of their superior officer” or kept quite as there captain was, though three men escaped the hands of the king.

These three men traveled to other kingdoms and informed their rulers of what happened, hoping to have the truth reveiled. The rulers did not believe them however, and their stories faded into obscurity.

Years later, long after they had disapeared, the rulers of these other countries found out that the king did indeed find a new continent, and the story the sailors told were true. They imediately began efforts to sent men to the new land and to catch up with the expeditions of the (unamed kingdom).

The next ruler of the (unamed kingdom) decided to right the wrongs of the sailors that were killed and payed the families a hefty sum of gold, and the taxes of his direct descendants were canceled for three generations. A statue-fountain was also created in the city, depicting the crew in a noble pose. This statue has since become widely known as a true work of art, and has been magically kept in good condition since its creation by mages.

Crew of the Radiant Justice

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