The keep of Dumatrescal is found in the White Maw mountains and with a population of 9,492 dwarves of the clan Stonerender, is the only large city of dwarves in the Western kingdoms. Thousands of tons of metal and stone are mined here, and great works of art and war are created in it’s forges.

Business is booming here and many traders are coming from hundreds of miles around to get some of the precious, high quality ore.

Recently the the watch have been having trouble with giants who seem to be trying to carve a niche for themselves out on the mountain. There are also having a little trouble with the tunnels. As they open abandoned mmining tunnels again, or make new ones, there are usually viscious creatures that attack the miners and surveyors.

Years ago the dumatrescal was attacked, and nearly conqured by duergar that flooded out of the tunnels. Today they are well on their way to recovering fromt he terrible loses they’ve endured.

The main exports of the city are iron, steel, adamantine, salt, mithral (new discovery), and many types of stone, while the main imports are woods, grain, and varying spices.


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