ghost towns

Scattered across the new continent are many abandoned settlements that are to many to count. These long forgotten, crumbling buildings were left to rot when the towns went under. The inhabitants moved their entire population to more successful areas and lived on.

Today these ruins are often used as rest stops for travelers, merchants, and the occasional group of bandits. Oftentimes, a group of animals move in and claim the territory as their own, which can creates a risk every time one would wish to stop for the night.

If one were to find a ghost town and do research about its history, they could quite possibly find the name of the settlements and details about what happened to have the people leave their homes as they did, but sometimes there are simply no records of why this happened or when at all. Sometimes these towns seem to have sprung up out of nothing, with no records of any type at all, such as the strange case of the abandoned city between Baranja and [[Valderine’s gate]].

There are many stories that some of these strange ruins still have fully furnished rooms, and decayed remnants of food in the silos and kitchens of the houses. it is as if everyone in the town had just gotten up and walked away. These are often one of the mysterious towns that there is little record of.

ghost towns

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