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The new continent discovered long ago is now populated. Sparse cities and towns dot the landscape and people bustle about their daily lives. But this land has not been completely tamed yet, and vast plains, mountains and forests have yet to be explored, new people have yet to be met, and waiting adventures have yet to be had.

In an age where firearms are emerging, and unknown lands are explored daily, the true kings of the land are these adventuring people. Those who take risks and face danger at every turn are shaping the continent and its nations into what it will become. On this new continent, the political systems of the nations are just settling down after ages of wars and civil unrest, but are still vulnerable. Alligences are rocky at best, and everyone is wary of those around them. The fate of these peoples sit on the edge of a knife, and the smallest push can change the course of history.

While the world turns and the days go on, there has been reports of strange events, happening seemingly at random, all over the continent. Mysterious disapearences of mid-level officers and and known merchants, odd natural occurences of weather and nature, and rumours that seem to spring up out of nowhere are influencing the people and the politics in every nation.

For a group of curious and brave adventurers, this land provides ample oppertunities for new experiences and intense battles.

Main Page

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