Origins of the New Continent

1429 years ago, this new continent was discovered when a hurricane blew the famous naval ship, the Radiant Justice from the kingdom of (not yet named) off course. The Radiant Justice was damaged and several men had been lost when she was beached on the (????ern) shores of the new continent. The troops managed to create an alliance with some native humans and found that this was an undiscovered land, that no one knew existed.

After a few weeks of waiting, the kingdom the ship belonged to sent for wizards to use divination to find the lost vessel. As soon as the king found that there was an entire continent to explore and possibly claim as his own he began organizing expeditions, on both land and sea to discover more of this land.

Over the following 100 years, most of the continent, now named (name of king’s son/new continent) after the king’s favored son, was mapped out, and small settlements had already been established. At first there was only military men and volunteer settlers that were sent, but the volunteers were mainly people who wanted to escape a shady past, or a heavy debt. Many were also criminals and beggars, who had no skills to aid the new colonies, so soon after the king decided to put incentives in place, such as guaranteed free land to work, hunt, or use the new inhabitants saw fit.

In the coming years the land was settled, though mainly on the coasts, as rocs were in healthy supply closer to the center of the islands. Eventually siege engineers were brought in to create ballistas to defend settlements that were to be created inland. Since this time the population of rocs has been decimated to a population that is much more manageable for human expansion.

The humans befriended all of the native peoples save the elves of the Great Forest. They did not trust a people who only wished to befriend them so that they could take their trees away. This later lead to many problems in the establishing of the city of Viscica, and of a Way poste in the forest.

Many cities and towns were created all around the continent, and most were immediately successful. the few that weren’t just moved their populations to other successful towns, leaving eary ghost towns that can still be found scattered across the landscape.

650 years ago the people of the new continent were tired of (kingdom’s name) taking all the fruits of their labour away and decided to separate and form their own monarchies. Through years of diplomacy, boycotting, and a few skirmishes here and their, the new continent became free, but the people were divided as to where the capital should be, who should rule, and even the ongoing debate of an appropriate name for the continent itself. Then, 480 years ago, a bloody civil war between sections of the new continent.

Eventually, the southerners were pushed back onto the Bacchus peninsula, where their Empire of Tane now resides, and the rest of the continent was split between the East and the West. The only reason the civil war ended was because an unknown diplomat spoke to each of the leaders of the three portions of the continent.

After the 11 year civil war ended, the continent was divided into three nations, not including those of the natives. Up to date, the tentative pacifism between (East nation), Udugeon and Tane has held, but there are still constant rivalries between the three nations that are politely dismissed as amusing by native people.

Origins of the New Continent

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