This is a thriving city inhabited mainly by halflings native to the continent. The government here is relaxed and the laws aren’t often enforced. But, when there is a problem that the city officials must take care of, then the problem is delt with efficiently and quickly. If there is a rash or problems, the guard will be up in arms for a long time, or until the problem is solved.

Generally, the city is a calm place and the citizens relax and sail their days away.

The city’s representative is Lady Fhathyra Graveltoes, and the general of the military is Eilthyra the paladin.

Fishing and sailing are much-loved pastimes and a popular occupation. This is done almost exclusively on the river, as they don’t build verymany oceanworthy ships.

The people of Paldershire are currently beling assaulted by rocs, which like to carry the inhabitants of the city away two at a time at least.

High Crown has given many invitations to Paldershire to join their kingdom, but the most they have gotten is a strong alliance.


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