With a current population of 4, 810, Viscica has developed from a community of lumberjacks into a booming town over it’s long, bloody history. It was first established to supply quality wood to the rest of the kingdom, but it was continually attacked by the elves. Several times almost the entire village was found eviscerated and left to rot. It became commonly referred to as Viscica over many years by people referring to old slang meaning to eviscerate or disembowel messily. It still has a strong military presence and the duke is constantly being advised by the general that is kept on hand at all times.

Bored lumberjacks on their time off would often find a scrap piece of wood and carve or widdle it aimlessly. Eventually many started to compete. To this day monthly competitions are held to see who has the finest carving skills, and beautiful pieces of craftsmanship are sent off far and wide. The town hall is completely covered in intricate carvings of animals, trees, and battles with the elves. It is commonly referred to as one of the beauties of the new continent.

The large town of Viscica is currently lead by Duke of Viscica, who many think is very bad for the town. Viscica has a long history of strongly upholding the law with a well trained and famed guard and town watch. They have even been able to train some powerful rangers in order to watch the forest for elves and any wild dangers. But, the duke is much more lax with the laws and the rules, often not attending trials he should preside over, and he is often acused of betray his father’s dieing request of protecting the inhabitants of his town from all dangers.


The main exports of Viscica are lumber, paper, nickel, wood carvings, horses and rope, though there is a quality brewery and farms along the East side (also the oldest part) of the city. The largest import of the town is grains, as the earth in the area is not properly suited to grow them.

There is a small lumbermill in the West of the city that has been erected to help process all the wood that is brought in from the forest. Usually the large lumbermill on the East side of town did most of the work, but very recently the duke decided to rennovate and improve the mill a remarkable amount. The mill’s foreman is a man named ?. There is also a small paper mill very close the the newer, smaller lumbermill. Due to this, the price of paper in this city is slightly lower than in other cities around the kingdom. Visica is also the only supplier of paper on this side of the the continent.

A few miles South of Visica is were the nickel mine can be found. This mine is a somewhat recent discovery and is what loyalists claim is bringing in all the funds for the duke. The mines are well guarded against intrusions, as are the warehouse and smelting facility nearby. Now and again the miners will find underground caves, monsters or dangerous gas pockets, but for the most part the mines are quiet save the sound of picks. The mines are run by a gnome merchant turned alchemist by the name of Linwicket.

There is a well known stables on the eastern outskirts of the city called Triple K and C Stables. Run by the Blandri family, this stables was bought out from Geoffrey Pyn who’s family owned it for generations. They produce quality mounts and working animals.

The local brewery produces and fine ale called “Achin’ Pale Ale” and is a big hit among the locals. they do no’t export this however, as they have no real following elsewhere. The brewery is located in the East of Visica.


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